Cash Donations for Supplies

Donors may choose to donate cash to Yan Chai Hospital for the purchase of specific supplies. Based on the amount of your donation, we will purchase supplies of the same value, and distribute them to designated NGOs. No administrative fees will be charged.

Making a Cash Donation

  • Enter a donation amount
  • Select the donation item of your choice
  • Select a beneficiary organisation
  • Enter donor's information, and choose whether a receipt of your donation is needed
  • Make the donation to Yan Chai Hospital via the methods stated at the website
  • Take a screenshot of the transaction and upload it
  • Tap “Submit” to finish the donation procedure

We warmly welcome any donation of a large sum. If you wish to make a donation over HK$100,000, we will contact you for further support; you can also contact us via below methods:


The hotline is open from Monday to Friday, 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 6pm. Public holidays are excluded.



Remarks: We will do our best to purchase your selected item on your behalf, and match it to the designated beneficiary organisation.